Confidentiality. PRO-LAB is committed to ensure the protection of its customer’s confidential information and proprietary rights with regard to business or technical information it receives in connection with its performance for the Customer. PRO-LAB will use the information obtained or generated during the performance of assignment to provide services to the customer.

The Customer shall treat all information and data it receives from PRO-LAB as proprietary and confidential. The Customer shall maintain in strict confidence all such information, including but not limited to information concerning technology, procedures, and methods used by PRO-LAB, formulas, trade secrets, ideas, computer programs and inventions. PRO-LAB will not provide analytical results to any third party other than the client, unless the client, in writing, requests information to be provided to a third party or unless disclosure is required by law.

Impartiality. PRO-LAB is committed to impartiality. PRO-LAB ensures that there is not commercial, financial or other pressure that could compromise impartiality. The laboratory identify risks to its impartiality on an on-going basis.

PRO-LAB will not accept different brand/type air sampling media for comparison purposes