Frequently Asked Questions

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Short term radon gas/radon water standard turnaround 7 days – Expedited turnaround 2 days

Mold standard turnaround 7 days – Expedited turnaround 2 days

Lead paint & dust/lead in water standard turnaround 7 days – Expedited turnaround 3 days

Asbestos standard turnaround 7 days – Expedited turnaround 3 days

Monday through Friday 8:15am to 6:00pm (EST)

Professional Laboratories (USA) 1675 North Commerce Parkway Weston, FL 33326

Professional Laboratories (Canada) 40 Hanlan Road – Bldg. 45 Vaughan (Toronto), ON L4L 3P6

If you are using FEDEX/UPS or another form of expedited/express shipping please send the sample to our physical address NOT the PO Box.

PO Box 267730 Weston, FL 33326

To check and see if your test kit has been received, you have the following options:

  1. If you pre-registered your sample, please visit and using your registration number you can check for your samples arrival.
  2. If you included an email address on your information form/registration, a confirmation email will be sent indicating your samples arrival and requested turnaround time.
  3. You can give us a call at 800-427-0550 and speak to a customer service representative (Monday through Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm (EST)

You can send an email to with your name, address and test type (please include serial numbers for radon samples) and request information on your sample status.

Radon Testing Instructions

The long term radon gas testing kit is designed for a minimum exposure time of 90 days and a maximum of twelve months. This is a single device that once removed from its packaging (sealed plastic bag) becomes active. There are no caps or parts to remove. Please do not remove the void sticker or attempt to open the device. Doing so will result in your sample becoming invalid.

The short term radon gas testing kit is designed for an exposure time of 48 to 96 hours. This can be a single or double canister testing kit. To initiate the testing, the caps will need to be removed when placing the canisters in the testing area. Once the exposure time is completed, the caps are replaced and the canisters returned for analysis. Please do not remove the contents of the canister. Doing so may result in your sample becoming invalid.

The registration is a fast and easy way to access your results online but is not required for us to complete your analysis. All reports will be emailed/mailed once the analysis is complete regardless of registration status.

Unfortunately you cannot re-enter your registration after you have received the registration number. Please either re-register with the correct/missing information or include the information on your form that will be included with your sample (please note on your card that the information is a correction to your registration).

Closed house conditions means that all doors and windows in the entire home (this includes all attic & basement windows) were closed 12 hours prior to the start of the test and during the testing period. All exterior doors, except for normal entry and exit, must also remain closed during the test period.

The lowest level/floor (basement, 1st fl, 2nd fl) of your home is where an occupant/family member spends 6+ hours daily (7 days a week). This is the level we recommend be tested.

We recommend testing this level because in order for radon exposure to be a concern, 6+ hours a day must be spent on that level.

Unfortunately Professional Laboratories does not send replacements for lost/misplaced prepaid mailers. You can send in your test kit to the address shown on the information form or our physical mailing address. If you are unsure where to send your test kit, please check the contact us section for the address.

New Jersey residents pay an additional fee which goes to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. It is an administrative fee that is required for all samples collected in the state. As a condition of our licensing (and all other labs that test for NJ) we are required to submit results (NOT client info) to assist in collection of statistical data for that state.


  • minimum 48 hours maximum 168 hours (seven full days)
  • <48hours will generate a report without a radon level indicating sample was underexposed


  • minimum 48 hours maximum 120 hours (five full days)
  • <48 hours will generate a report without a radon level indicating sample was underexposed


  • Recommended: minimum 90 days and a maximum of 12 months
  • Must receive sample within 2 months of stop date
  • Opening of device (or removal of void sticker) voids possibility of analysis
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