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Mold are capable of causing allergic reactions and are able to trigger athsma as well as other respiratory problems. Under the right conditions some mold can produce "mycotoxins," poisonous substances that have been reported to make people sick.


What Are Mold? Mold are microscopic fungi that live on plant or animal matter. No one knows how many species of fungi exist, but estimates range from hundreds of thousands to perhaps ten million. Most are filamentous (threadlike) organisms and produce spores. These spores can be transported by air, water, pets, people or insects.


Where Are Mold Found? Mold are found year round in virtually every environment. Outdoors, they can cause plant diseases but, mostly server to decompose plant litter. Indoors, they can be found in the presence of excess water from high humidity and water leaks. Mold spores float through the air and when they find suitable conditions where they can start to grow.


How Can You Minimize Mold Growth? There are four conditions necessary for mold to grow.

1. Water

2. A food source

3. A mold source

4. Time (24 to 48 hours)


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